[CentralOH] Python Talk on Classes

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Tue Mar 24 18:14:49 CET 2015

There are few talks where both new programmers and seasoned professionals
will learn something. There are fewer still where you not only learn about
the details of the language, but also how to do software development better
in general.

And there are precious few talks that are able to combine the two, and do
it in an engaging and fun manner that keeps you from nodding off whether
you have been coding for 2 months or 2 decades.

This talk by Raymond Hettinger, titled "Python's Class Development
Toolkit", given at PyCon 2013, is one of them. Don't let the boring name
turn you off. This is a great talk for new and old alike. In any anthology
of the best Python talks, this talk will be included.

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