[CentralOH] Next Pythology event: Python Web Frameworks

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Tue Oct 27 16:57:17 EDT 2015

A number of Columbus folks have attended previous Pythology events in
Indianapolis put on by the IndyPy group. These events were on Testing and
Data. I think everyone has thought they were great events and provided a
good learning opportunity, a chance to meet other Pythonistas, and to get a
change of perspective by getting out of town (And the Eleven Fifty Coding
Academy is an awesome venue!)

The next Pythology event will be on Friday, November 6th from 9am to 5pm.

The cost is $95 and you need to register here:

More info:

Come learn about Python Web Frameworks. You will learn from experts in
their fields about Django, Pyramid, Tornado and Web Security:

Calvin Hendryx-Parker
CTO, Six Feet Up
"Developing an Authentication Service with Pyramid"

Jason McLaughlin
Director of Architecture, DirectEmployers
"Getting Started with the Django Web Framework"

Scot Kronenfeld
"Python Tornado, an Asynchronous Web Framework"

Jim C. McDonald
Chief Technology Officer, Camelot Venture Group
"Django for Startups"

Michael Taylor
Lead Developer, Rook Security
"Using Python to Rapidly Develop Visualizations for Web Security"

Organized by Six Feet Up under the umbrella of the IndyPy User Group,
Pythology Lecture Series are quarterly events dedicated to promoting the
awesomeness of Python. Come out and meet fellow Pythonistas, while
advancing your knowledge of Python and web development.  Note: Out-of-state
guests are encouraged to contact the event organizers to receive special
treatment in the form of free lodging and guaranteed good time.
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