[CentralOH] Hiring Python Devs

Raymond Chandler III raymond at blueshiftedtech.com
Wed Oct 28 11:15:28 EDT 2015

Hello fellow Pythonistas!

Brian Costlow and I recently launched Blueshift Technology Group. We’re a developer lead, primarily Python dev shop targeting entrepreneurs and startups in Central Ohio and we’re growing like crazy. We need your help! We’re looking to hire brilliant developers who are passionate about programming.

Here are some projects we’re involved with:

Intelligent Smart Buildings
Fantasy Football (Big Data / Analytics)
Fire & Safety Tools
Internet of Things
Cognitive Function Testing & Concussion Detection for Athletes
Embedded Python for an IoT device

If any of you are interested in writing Python / Ruby / JavaScript full-time or know someone who is, then get in touch with either Brian or I, or talk with Eric Floehr and he will get you in touch with us. 

Raymond Chandler III
Partner, Blueshift Technology Group
raymond at blueshiftedtech.com

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