[CentralOH] 3840x2160 4K displays

Mark Aufdencamp mark at aufdencamp.com
Mon Sep 7 20:06:09 CEST 2015

I saw Jim's note about 4K displays in his last post.

I've been using a low end 50" 4K HDTV as a monitor on my mac-mini for a
couple of years.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  It's big, and takes
a lot of space, but I've defintelty seen a productivity improvement with
it.  Eye/Neck/Back strain seems to be a whole lot better as well.

FYI NewEgg has 39" 4K HDTV's on sale this weekend for $299 - 


Before getting one, make sure your video card, driver, and OS can
support the resolution.

Enjoy your Labor day

Mark Aufdencamp
Mark at Aufdencamp.com

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