[CentralOH] 2015-07-24 식사 Scribbles 落書/惡文? Mazah Cafe Istanbul Aab WAT javascript kuhl name mit online course a code academy trello secrets configuration globals IOCCC IOPCC pawpaws

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Wed Sep 23 21:57:33 CEST 2015

The next lunch will be at:

    Aab Restaurant
    1470 Grandview Ave

When will it be? September 30?

Had good lunch at Mazah. Eight folks showed up.

Lebanese night is first Monday of each month.
They have more things that they don't normally have,
like three kinds of kibbeh(sp?)

WAT Javascript
(bummer: require proprietary codecs)

was doing bio research, realized that career prospects suck,
so switching to something that makes money: software: Python
10 year researcher making $40k/year

cool name
OC original coder
EHR Electronic Health Records
MIT online course: excellent
some code academy in Upper Arlington
    they place you afterwards 2yr? contract? else $7k?

chooses Aab for next Python lunch

secret configuration data _not_ in repo
how to keep track of multiple (non-secret) configurations:
    multiple configurations in one file
    that file _is_ in repo
    config file has dictionary
        keys are configuration names
    when installing/applying a configuration
        specify which configuration to use by command line argument

don't teach newbies bad things that are too tempting to (a)buse,
like globals

we need an International Obfuscated Python Code Contest

more wild pawpaws were given away after lunch

wild pawpaw eating instructions:
eat them when the smell good, which is often when they are ugly
keeping in mind that outside is dirty
cut in half
scoop out flesh with spoon
eat the sac around each seed. it's good eating too
don't eat the seeds themselves

Keep seeds moist. Don't let them dry out.
Put in zip-lock bag with wet paper towel.
Ask how to plant them yourself or return them to source for planting.

Recommended was Cafe Istanbul and something other middle-eastern restaurant.

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