[CentralOH] Survey on Relocation to Columbus

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Fri Apr 22 11:30:46 EDT 2016

In an effort to attract more technology companies and people to Columbus,
the Columbus Collaboratory is doing some research. Ben Blanquera asked me
to forward this survey, which should only take 5 minutes to complete, that
will help them understand why people relocate.


Original message:

*" Attracting talent to Columbus is high on the agenda for many in Columbus
and Ohio. " *

We at the Columbus Collaboratory <http://columbuscollaboratory.com/> are
conducting a study to understand the reasons why people relocate.

The purpose of this survey is to understand what factors are attractive and
unattractive when considering relocating for a job. We plan to use
responses to help us better attract people to the Columbus region. Data
will only be analyzed in aggregate and no individual data will be shared by
Columbus Collaboratory or Community Research Partners.

Please take 5 minutes to take the survey -

Have a great day!
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