[CentralOH] 2016-01-20 Napkin Scribbles from Phillips: piCore analytics zaner-bloser bmow ides tilde classes redaction vim block mode

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Wed Jan 20 21:10:58 EST 2016

Great classic diner fare.
Phillips Original Coney Island was not as packed as usual.
Service was prompt.

capstone project

Tiny Core piCore 7.0 Raspberry Pi Edition Now Ships with Linux Kernel 4.1.13 LTS
I wonder if one has to explicitly install Python.

people on government websites now

Write essay in Zaner-Bloser Cursive cursing recursion.

Big Mess o' Wires: Can it run Python?

open source laptop

Top 3 open source Python IDEs

~ tilde word comes from Spanish

I like how simply classes were implemented
and how that simplicity led to flexibility.
It reminds me of the last thing in "The Zen of Python".

    Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!

very non-Python section:

"Don't worry, Dad. Her checks won't bounce."
wp:For Sentimental Reasons (Linda Ronstadt album)
wp:Great American Songbook
wp:Red River Valley (album)
Another Winter Park connection:
Weapon of Prayer Louvin

wp: prefix means Wikipedia
To get good answers, consider following the advice in the links below.

wp:Paint Your Wagon (musical)
Simpsons paint your wagon
472 South Brehl Avenue


wp:Zika virus
wp:Many Rivers to Cross

For security reasons, this site requires JavaScript.

PDF redaction is hard, NSW Medical Council finds out - the hard way

    print it on paper
    redact on paper
    scan paper with high contrast (so that redactions are not merely faint)
    print the scanned image
    scan again with high contrast (so that redactions are not merely faint)
    send that second generation scan

    lets just do plain text

A first-timer's guide to getting started with open source code and communities

Equivalent Series Resistance @ CCIL Chester County Inter Link
    Jordan Seidel

Merchants without fulltime internet access
keep local dial-up phoneline ISP alive for credit card transactions.

past or present local presences???

    wp:Alliance Data
        Columbus & Dallet
        JCP + Limited
        One Legacy Cirle (hmmm, what organizations aspire to such an address?)
        Comenity (Limited???)
        epsilon, data breach, congress
            (should that have been the last letter instead of the fifth?)

COF Capital One??? Silver Springs early data mining analytics???

velcro cheap light ethernet hub under desk for convenient access

should do vim block mode demo at meeting
    need some nice columnar data
        hopefully all spaces, no tabs
        does it handle tab delimited columns OK?
        (please post URL for such)

use python for analytics for trading

wp:TD Ameritrade
    San Luis (gran)

kid understands things that adults around him don't

wp:Standing (law)

Microcenter has fantastic deals on Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.
Will they stock the pcDuino3 Nano Lite?
It seems like the $15 was just the introductory price.
At $35, it's still a great deal.

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