[CentralOH] goggles2gone

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Fri Jul 15 11:15:13 EDT 2016

> goggles2go
>     (Los|El) Cerritos?
>     get on mailing list, wait for an attractive sale
>     Expired Domain Names list 2005-12-22_2 - 05-12
>     goggles2go.info gogh.org gogld.com
>     Expired Domains 09/25/10
>     goforthechocolate.com goganocoffee.com goggles2go.com
>     goggles4u.com?

my fault for working from memory


probably a trade name for 
American Eye Vision Inc.
which resolved to the same address

12611 Hiddencreek Way,
Unit A/B
CA 90703

888 830 7857


locally when I kept a downtown office, I formerly used Rinkov 
Optical on Gay street, but they are long out of business

Then the local physical successor became:

Northwest EyeCare Professionals
Beth Travis, OD
2098 Tremont Center
Columbus Ohio 43221 3108

and for 'mail order' specialty ANSI Z87.1+ high impact goggles


[herrold at centos-7 pw]$ grep glasses * 2> /dev/null | grep type
arlington_optical:type: glasses (a local vendor of 
	sporting 'high impact' eyewear)
edgeeyewear:type:       glasses
goggles4u:type: glasses
northwest_optical:type:   glasses

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