[CentralOH] More on Lektor

James Bonanno james at atlantixeng.com
Mon Jun 13 12:18:01 EDT 2016

I have built a basic site with Nikola, Pelican, and Lektor, and also the 
same content applied to Flask. What I have found with Lektor is that it 
is really effective, and in my application I have a fair amount of code 
with the Pygments lexer in Markdown handles nicely, even different 
languages appearing in the same post. I really like the ability to 
custom regular site pages versus blog pages in Lektor, and the structure 
of the file setup dictates how the site will be, which I also like. It 
is interesting that Lektor has a wide following on GitHub, but imho, it 
is not quite ready for prime time yet. The reason that I say that is the 
difficulty that I had generating tags with Lektor, where there is a list 
of "officially" supported plugins and those that are "not officially 
supported", the tag/atom feeds being one of the unsupported ones. 
Pelican and Nikola are much more mature in this regard.


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