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Brandon Rhodes gave good presentation on using pyflakes and jedi in an editor.

two things your editor should be able to do

little things that waste time
    not having cut and paste

    analyzes Python source code for errors
        catches syntax errors
        catches uninitialized variables
    uses from emacs
    jumps to other pieces of code

A lot of the 1990s and very early 2000s
was essentially the Python community learning
that even though Python is dynamic,
you should still write as though you're in
an old fashioned static language,
where you actually have to define the things that you use. 
That's why I use pyflakes.

pyflakes catches my typing errors as I am typing.

    moves cursor from where something is used to where it is defined
    (which may be in a different file)

It is amazing how many new habits
I have had to learn in the last seven months.
Because I am dealing with way more code
than I ever had in one project before.

Guido is a few desks over these days.

He uses ^. for "jump in" and ^, for "jump out".


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Mark Aufdencamp gave a presentation on asynchronous I/O in web stuff, 
particularly with STOMP.

Cowboy these days


Web 3.0 Asynchronous Messaging (Push Technology)

    web 2.0
    ajax synchronous RPC expressed asynchronously in Javascript(1998, 2004(
    ajax long polling jetty/comet/continuations(2005)
        (300 seconds is a conventional default)

html5 2014
css3 2012
ecmascript5 2009

    forms email/placeholder/regex
    media audio/video
    postMessage messaging between windows
    WebSockets - this is what we are really looking tonight

Asynchronous Messaging
Enterprise Integration Patterns
Gregor Hohpe
Bobby Woolf
book is entirely about message patterns
forwards by John Crupi and Martin Fowler

    it has stomp connector

    simple text oriented message protocol
    http style design: like http, but for messaging
    we're using json for the message body
    cross platform / cross language
    not tied to server
    need to know where broker is

wp:Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol

mark thinks that mvc is dead
stomp is another tool in box
messages are another first class event

wp:Apache Cordova
The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket - apress
    this is where I got idea to use stomp
    author put together a game between 
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide - O'Reilly
ActiveMQ in Action - Manning
Enterprise Integration Patterns - Addison Wesley

cors cross origin resource sharing
    is a pain in the ...
    allow access headers

mark thinks that stomp will be the websockets protocol


good for internet of things

runs stomp daemon on a raspberry pi
    uses little memory
can probably run activemq on a raspberry pi

this async messaging is how firefox is collecting crash reports 
    he has talked with lars
        they moved from rabbitmq to amazon's message queuing system

asked to compare with
    web application messaging protocol
    wp:Web Application Messaging Protocol

amazon's sqs is rediculously amazing
    slug(???) replacement for 1000 servers
wp:Amazon Simple Queue Service

mark said to become a fan of javascript (imperative statement)

kind of like 1990s, where proprietary protocols were battling over locking

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