[CentralOH] Python Contract (Short Term)

Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 07:36:51 EDT 2016


Someone reached out to me about a short term contract in the Columbus area.
I'm not available, and not really a big data/Spark person anyway.

If you are interested, get back to me and I'll make the intros.

Person needs to be a python developer and be familiar with Big Data and
map/Reduce technologies. PySpark background would be a plus. This resource
will be taking data from 3rd parties and ingesting and aggregating data to
level’s in which the business requires.

   - 5+ years in python
   - Worked with a data lake
   - 5+ years with Bash/ksh/sh Scripting
   - Experience with Spark (pyspark)
   - Explored potentially using Luigi (a powerful open library used to
   build pipelines)
   - Experience with a python based automated runbook to aid with testing
   the data pipeline
   - Experience with using python with bash scripting to munge/wrangle log
   data and generate excel formatted reports
   - Worked on a proof of concept involving py2neo, Neo4j and Flask
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