[CentralOH] dayspan: a piano 'fingering exercise' in shell

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Jun 15 14:15:42 EDT 2017

On Thu, 15 Jun 2017, Eric Floehr wrote:

> Can you provide some examples of use: input, output, etc. for various use
> cases?

certainly -- I added a usage example, with expected values 
for those doing TDD, and the samples of real world examples:

which take, compress, and age away database, and html site 
backups, using find and friends.  There is also a Level zero 
backup weekly with this site, also aged away on a 'toss out 
the older ones, consistent to having one, _all the way back_ 
strategy' and so I can pick through that archive as well with 
decreasing granuarity of what to choose between

-- Russ herrold

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