[CentralOH] [COhPy] April 2018 Monthly Meeting

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Tue May 8 18:43:36 EDT 2018

PyOh April 2018

35+ people came - lots of newcomers

Don’t forget PyOhio! T-shirts are $35, but otherwise the conference is free
for the 11th year in a row. July 28-29 2018 @ the Ohio Union on OSU campus

Deadline for talks is May 15th

May 21st is the date for the next meeting- so that way, we avoid conflict
with Memorial Day

Numworks just launched - open source graphing calculator with MicroPython.


Guy Royse presented Machine Learning for Fun - and gave away a bunch of
Nexosis t-shirts

IANADS - I am not a data scientist

Big Foot is quite popular lately

? the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

? Tim Renner data.world - esoteric source of user submitted data. Has a
database of Big Foot sightings, and UFO sightings, etc.

The presence of data itself is information

Imputation and Aggregation - using the Big Foot data, then preparing it for
further analysis

Only meaningful with time-series data.

Forecasting, predicting the future from historical data on Big Foot

Nexosis demo - free version caps at 10MB of data

Nexosis has built-in templates for this

? Elk ? Elm -> C# -> Python for Machine Learning

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

There is a very strong correlation of Big Foot sightings and the time the
X-Files aired on television. A spike in the 70s matches up to the Six
Million Dollar Man TV show.

Impact Analysis, comparing what should have happened, versus what actually

? postman - Perl that doesn’t suck

Classification, what is this ?

Bigfoot Classinator - uses natural language processing to classify a free
form text description of a Big Foot sighting

>From the Bigfoot Field Research Organization :

A - I saw Big Foot

B - I saw evidence of Big Foot

C - Someone else told me they saw Big Foot

Code snippet was Python on AWS Lambda using the Nexios restful API (three
cheers for JSON !)

Code is at Guyroyse/Bigfoot-classinator @ github

Go to Nexosis.com for a free api key

Follow Guy on Twitter @guyroyse
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