[CentralOH] Needful Repo URL

Damien Calloway damiencalloway at fastmail.com
Thu Aug 29 20:14:11 EDT 2019

Hello everyone !

Thank you for joining me for the talk about my project, Tasket (neé 
Needful). Jim was kind enough to inform me of an unfortunate namespace 
collision, so I had to choose a different name. You can follow my 
progress here :


I spoke of a few things that some of you may find useful :

Eric Scott Raymond, over at catb.org, was very influential on shaping my 
thinking on this project - see :

The Cathedral and the Bazaar - 

Homesteading the Noosphere - 

Mike Gancarz does a great deal to explain the rules of the open source 
road, and is the source of the admonition that "User interfaces must not 
be captive" :

Linux and the Unix Philosophy - 

I referenced The Checklist Manifesto, as this was key in forming my 
opinion on how to organize the program's data structure :


The chart I showed during the presentation is from Getting Things Done, 
by David Allen. It is currently one of the most popular productivity 
methods out there, in that he seems to have thought of everything :


Now, there are other productivity methods out there - Franklin Covey and 
the Bullet Journal also come to mind - so my goal is for the tool to be 
useful without being too tightly bound to GTD.

Due to an unfortunate namespace collision, the project is now called 
Tasket. It is short, easy to say, and easy to type. It is also not being 
used by any other open source projects. Someone wants $31,000 for 
tasket.com though. I suppose that could buy a lot of tiskets.....

Thank you all again for coming to see my talk, and for your wonderful 

Thank you,

Damien Calloway

On 8/26/19 2:35 PM, Prior, Jim via CentralOH wrote:
> What is the URL for the needful repo?
> cohpy.org says in part:
>> This month, Damien Calloway will be presenting Needful -
>> a command line to-do list and productivity tool written in Python.
> The following look unrelated:
>      http://www.getneedful.com/
>      https://sourceforge.net/projects/theneedful/
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