[CentralOH] Iodide follow-ups

Jeff Klukas jeff at klukas.net
Tue Dec 10 12:45:24 EST 2019

I enjoyed meeting some of you last night and you had some great questions.
I wanted to give some follow-ups.

Several people were interested in whether it was possible to run Iodide and
Pyodide without contacting the central iodide.io servers. Indeed it is! The
default is for notebooks to hit the central Pyodide modules hosted on
Netlify, but it's possible to copy all the Pyodide content to a custom
Iodide server installation. There's a USE_LOCAL_PYODIDE environment
variable used to configure that behavior.

You can play around with existing notebooks at https://alpha.iodide.io/
And you can look at all the code for Pyodide at

|| Jeff Klukas
|| https://jeff.klukas.net
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