[CentralOH] 2019-01-28 18:00 January Technical Meeting Announcement: tkinter for Raspberry Pi Touchscreen by Neil Ludban

James Prior jprior at pillartechnology.com
Mon Jan 7 20:33:49 EST 2019

January Technical Meeting Announcement

January 28, 6:00 p.m.

18:00 Pillar Technology's 'The Forge'[1] at the Smith Brothers'
Hardware Building

20:00 Brazenhead Irish Pub[2]

Come and learn, share, grow, meet new people, and visit old
friends at our monthly meeting! We'll be talking about the
Python programming language and anything that intersects it,
and the cool stuff you can do with it.

This month
Neil Ludban will be giving an introduction to the tkinter
GUI toolkit, and a survey of special topics needed for
adding a good looking user friendly interface to your
Raspberry Pi project.

Thanks much to Pillar for hosting us.

Later, around 8pm, we will go to Brazenhead Irish Pub on
Fifth Ave for more socializing, food, and beverages.

[1] Pillar Technology's 'The Forge'

    Park on the north side of the building.
    Do not park in front (south side) of the building or your car will be towed.
    Fourth Street is a northbound one-way street.

[2] Brazenhead

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