[CentralOH] Looking for a talk for December

Jeff Klukas jeff at klukas.net
Mon Nov 25 13:09:32 EST 2019

Always check who you're replying to :)  I had intended to send the talk
proposal just to Eric, but I recommend you all check out Iodide and Pyodide
regardless. And I'll plan to send a link to video of Will's keynote once
it's available.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 1:04 PM Jeff Klukas <jeff at klukas.net> wrote:

> Hi Eric!
> I presented at COhPy a few years ago, doing a walk-through of a fairly
> simple ML pipeline built on top of scikit-learn, but have not been to a
> meeting in quite some time. I happen to have a recent talk ready to go,
> though, and I'd be available to speak on the 9th if you still need a
> presenter.
> Will Lachance, one of my teammates at Mozilla, gave a keynote at PyCon
> Canada last week titled "Iodide, Pyodide and the future of Python on the
> Web". Iodide is an environment like Jupyter notebooks that runs entirely in
> the browser, [0] and Pyodide is a project that gets Python and the
> scientific python stack running in the browser via WebAssembly [1]. Will
> has given me his blessing to reuse his slides and present the same material
> to the COhPy audience.
> The talk spends about half the time talking about the benefits and
> limitations of notebook-like environments for data work and collabration,
> motivating why Iodide exists, then the other half is about the details of
> how Pyodide gets python running in the browser and how it manages to share
> data objects between python and the browser's Javascript environment, with
> a demo of that interop happening in practice in an Iodide notebook.
> Let me know if this sounds like a good fit.
> || Jeff Klukas
> || https://jeff.klukas.net
> [0] https://alpha.iodide.io/
> [1]
> https://hacks.mozilla.org/2019/04/pyodide-bringing-the-scientific-python-stack-to-the-browser/
> On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 9:38 AM Eric Floehr <eric at intellovations.com>
> wrote:
>> All,
>> Ben Ogorek, who was scheduled to speak at our December 9th meeting at
>> Dublin Library is not able to speak due to a business trip that was moved
>> to this time.
>> If you would like to speak, please let me know.
>> Also, I'm looking for people to help organize the group next year. If you
>> are interested, please let me know.
>> Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
>> Cheers,
>> Eric
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