[CentralOH] Seeking Consultant for 6-18 month engagement to Kickstart Data Science in Industry

Zak Kohler zak at zakkohler.com
Mon Feb 10 19:48:52 EST 2020

Python and Data Science Community

At my current place of employment we are fairly green in certain aspects of
data science.

My idea is to find someone who has experience organizing a team of Data
Scientists and making sure value-added work can be discovered and applied.
We are thinking of 6-18 month engagement to kickstart a data science
program, including assisting with hiring process for data scientists, data
infrastructure, data culture. We are trying to avoid hiring a full time
employee without a concrete plan to accomplish our data goals.

We are located in North West Ohio.

If you know anyone interested, please email me via y2k at y2kbugger.com

Feel free to forward this.

Zak Kohler
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