[CentralOH] PyWeek 29 runs from March 22nd-29th

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Wed Feb 12 15:43:37 EST 2020

The 29th PyWeek games programming challenge <https://pyweek.org/29/> will
run from March 22nd to March 29th 2020 (UTC). *Registration is now open.*

Join us to create a game in Python, in a week!

You can enter as an individual, as a team - or use our "open teams" system
to find teammates.
Discord Server

PyWeek now has a Discord server <https://discord.gg/narPHDq> where you can
chat with other PyWeekers, form teams, or ask for advice. Discord already
has a thriving community of Python game developers, with servers for Pygame
<https://discord.gg/r8yreB6>, Pyglet <https://discord.gg/QXyegWe>, Panda3D
<https://discord.gg/UyepRMm>, and ModernGL <https://discord.gg/UEMtW8D>,
making it a natural place to also chat about PyWeek. It's also a big user
experience improvement over our old IRC channel.

Join using this invitation link <https://discord.gg/narPHDq>.
Python 3 Rules

Starting in PyWeek 29, entries *must* work on Python 3 (under rule 9
Although the number of entries that only work on Python 2 has been
decreasing over time, whether to run an entry with Python 2 or 3 has been
a point of confusion in the past few years. Python 2's own end of life (as
of the start of this year) is a nice opportunity for PyWeek to move on to
Python 3 only.
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