[CentralOH] March Monthly Meeting (Probabilistic Data Structures using UFO Sightings)

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Wed Mar 4 19:23:10 EST 2020

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WE HAVE A SPONSOR! Thanks to OliveAI (https://oliveai.com/) for sponsoring
pizza and drinks this month. Check them out!

This month we will be at the new Dublin Library (in Meeting Room 1).

Guy Royse will be talking about "Understanding Probabilistic Data
Structures with 112,092 UFO Sightings"

Guy likes weird stuff—UFOs, Bigfoot, peanut butter and bologna on
toast—maybe you do too? As far as the third bullet point, well, that’s how
many sightings he has.

Now, if you’re like most developers, you probably have no idea what
probabilistic data structures are. In fact, Guy did a super-scientific poll
on Twitter and found that out of 119 participants, 58% had never heard of
them and 22% had heard the term but nothing more. He wondered what
percentage of that 22% heard the term for the first time in the poll. We’re
a literal-minded lot at times.

In this talk, we’ll briefly go over some common probabilistic data
structures; dive deep into a couple (Bloom Filter, MinHash, and Top-K); and
show a running application that makes use of Top-K to analyze the most
commonly used words in all 112,092 of his UFO sightings.

When we’re done, you’ll be ready to start using some of these structures in
your own applications. And, if you use the UFO data, maybe you’ll discover
that the truth really is out there.

This group is only as good as its inputs. Please consider helping out.

Hope to see you there!

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