[CentralOH] [DoJo] Suggestions on working from home

Damien Calloway damiencalloway at fastmail.com
Mon Mar 16 21:50:59 EDT 2020

Hello all !

Today I got an email from Take Control Books, about a resource they put 
together to help people hwo have to suddenly work form home due to 
coronavirus and related issues.

The book is called Take Control of Working From Home Temporarily, is 
free, and can be found here :


Also, pro tip - if at all possible, get a headset with a boom 
microphone. The ones with the mic integrated into the headphones do not 
work very well, and the built in device microphone on your phone or 
laptop will interact with the built in speakers and cause nasty echo and 
crazy feedback loops. Not to mention all the background noise that gets 
picked up as well.

Due to gamer culture, there are a ton of bulky, high markup models out 
there - but all you really need os something as simple as a Amazon 
Basics headset could work :


Also, the Logitech H390 - while you will find them all over the place, I 
personally have burned through two of them - the build quality is poor, 
and the mic has failed on both of them. Stay away from those.


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