[CentralOH] DoJo Ramblings for April 30

Travis Risner deeppunster at fastmail.com
Sun May 3 02:42:46 EDT 2020

Here are some projects that reflect our discussions at the DoJo on April 

*	https://gitlab.com/deeppunster/dojoramblings2020-04-30

	*	This project contains code snippets for showing how to use the 
f-string “=“ operator for debugging.  It also shows how to use some 
of the common formatting syntax to browbeat numbers into fitting in 
columns, add thousands commas, etc.
	*	I accidentally deleted my notes from the meeting so if you see that 
something is missing, let me know (or submit a pull request).

*	https://gitlab.com/deeppunster/countpythonlines

	*	Since I raised the question about how to count lines of code in a 
Python project, I wrote a program to make a second pass at doing so.  
First pass was a script contributed by Jim Prior, which is also included 
in this project.

Looking forward to seeing you at the DoJo April 7.  Hope you can make 


Travis Risner
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