[CentralOH] Aug. 5 DoJo Logistics

Travis Risner deeppunster at fastmail.com
Thu Aug 5 01:50:51 EDT 2021

Hi everyone,

This DoJo will be held both *physically* at Smokehouse Brewing and 
*virtually* at https://gather.town/NRsxe91HZKpkM7hk/COhPy 

That said, if you have not yet been vaccinated or feel at all 
uncomfortable about physically joining us at Smokehouse Brewing, I urge 
you to attend the virtual meeting instead. Franklin County is currently 
listed as *high* with an average of 9 cases per day over the last seven 

Smokehouse Brewing has not changed their COVID-19 protocols and plan to 
follow the state guidelines.

I will try to get on the virtual meeting by 6:30 so please chat among 
yourselves if I am not on yet.


Travis Risner

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