[CentralOH] Apparent Udemy training for drastically reduced prices through Jan 7

Travis Risner deeptinker at fastmail.com
Tue Jan 5 18:19:09 EST 2021

The training web site [Udemy](http://abc.com) is evidently holding a 
sale on their courses, e.g. the “Complete Python Bootcamp” course of 
22 hours is available for $14.99.

I have not taken any of their courses, but others have told me that they 
thought they were worthwhile.

A friend of Jim Prior shared some coupon codes that may still be good.  
(They supposedly expire in less than 20 hours.)  They are:

Evidently these codes are for specific courses.  Each of these classes 
are being offered for the next two days at less than $20 so even if the 
coupon codes have expired, they are still a bargain — if you are 

They apparently came from 

I know that a number of folks on this list are looking for jobs are 
looking for better jobs.  With some time and determination, this might 
be the way to make that happen.


Travis Risner
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