[CentralOH] July and August COhPy Meetings

Travis Risner deeppunster at fastmail.com
Thu Jul 22 01:16:32 EDT 2021

At the meeting next Monday we will have a presentation by Damien Galloway:

  * Is your current desktop irritating you? Just can’t get it to show
    what you want instead of what someone thinks you want? Come find out
    how to use Python to completely customize your desktop with Qtile.

And at the August meeting, Shelby Elzinga (an independent contractor) 
will be present how to used Docker with Flask. As she puts it:

  * DockerHub is the supermarket, the Docker engine is the microwave,
    and images are the frozen meals. The cooked meal poured out on a
    plate is the app running in a container.
  * She will talk about pulling a Flask image from DockerHub and run it
    as a Flask container.
  * Flask will then show up in browser.
  * Ding, dinner is ready

For now we will continue having our meetings virtually at 
|https://gather.town/NRsxe91HZKpkM7hk/COhPy|. Please join us *Monday, 
July 26* and on *Monday, August, 30*. Both meetings start at *6:00* for 
socializing and *6:30* for the formal part of the meeting.

Hope to see you then!



Travis Risner

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