[CentralOH] EasySpreadsheet Repo now available

Travis Risner deeppunster at fastmail.com
Sun Apr 3 23:35:33 EDT 2022

Hi everyone,

The Python program Easyspreadsheet is now available on GitHub at 
https://github.com/deeppunster/EasySpreadsheet.  If you decide to 
download it as a zip file, please be sure to choose the desired branch 
before downloading it.


EasySpreadsheet is a demo program in three stages.  Each stage is a 
separate branch.  Combined, the three branches show how to do the 

-	Create and save a spreadsheet
-	Add data and labels to the spreadsheet
-	Rename the tab for the spreadsheet
-	Add a second tab
-	Create a 3D chart from data on the sheet

Feel free to add discussions and comments to the wiki for the project.

If you have problems, please add an issue.


Travis Risner
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