[CentralOH] New Home for Dojo

Travis Risner deeppunster at fastmail.com
Wed Aug 3 13:34:23 EDT 2022

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, Smokehouse Brewing is closing so we must find a new 
place to meet. Two possible places to meet have been suggested by 
friends and co-pythonistas.

*MCL* (Kingston Shopping Center)

MCL can host us on Monday nights in either one of there separate dining 
rooms or in and adjacent area (called the nook). It is open until 8:390, 
which would give us another half hour each night.

*East Market* (212 Kelton Ave)

East Market has an upper level that we could use. (Access via elevator 
or stairs available.) It has as “farmer’s market” on the main level 
(along with washrooms) with a wide variety of food available. Although 
the market is billed as being open until midnight, I suspect that the 
food vendors close earlier.

Both have wi-fi available.

Which do you prefer? Please let me know your preference by noon Thursday 
(*tomorrow*). If you know of another place that might be better, pass 
that on as well.



(deeppunster at fastmail.com)

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