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= April Monthly Meet Minutes

== Talk 1 on Mining Twitter with python by Dorai Thodla

Dorai Thodla gave a nice presentation on Mining Twitter.  He explained
about the use  of Twitter nowadays.  He explained  the twitter as real
time news provider with various  examples.  Then he showed Twitter app
written in python,  through which he explained how  he bookmarks links
posted on Twitter.

Dorai showed  a code for  reading twitter feeds  and saving that  in a
database. Using  sql database command  he converted those tables in to
text document.

== Talk 2 on Hacking python: Adding New python statement by Vijay.

Vijay  gave a  session  on  `turtle` a  game  programing language  for
teaching  programing  in school  level.He  also  told  that he  learned
programing  using logo.   He believes  that teaching  programing using
turtle  will actually  create  interest among  students in  programing
irrespective of the programing language.

In logo for  iterative statement they use `repeat`.   But in python we
don't  have  repeat  for  iteration.  we have  `for`  or  `while`  for
looping. Vijay wants to solve this problem by hacking python.

He  showed  three  ways  to  use  repeat  in  python  script  so  that
interpreter wont through error.

=== 1st way

He used a shell script to change the repeat function in to for loop and
give a new file output.py in which

input.py                           output.py
------                                  ----------
repeat 4:    --------->      for i in range(4):
  fd(2)      convert.sh              fd(2)
------                                   -----------

=== 2nd way

The draw  back of above code  is the repeat statement  have any space,
conversion wont work.

So  he  come up  with  new  idea where  he  used  python  script as  a
conversion script.  He used token  module to replace the `repeat` with
`for` tokens in order to solve if repeat statement varies with space.

=== 3rd way

Now  vijay dont want  a conversion  script to  do the  job, he  want a
python script  in which  repeat statement is  used should  be combined
directly by python.

He  used  encoding technique  to  solve  the  problem.  He  wrote  own
encoding  `pyturtle.py`  to  convert  tokens  in  to  statements.   To
initialise that, he copied the file to python site packages folder.

== Conclusion

This month python meet end up with a good note and with two good talk.
We will see next meet with few more talks.

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