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> wrote:
> > Talk title: A quick introduction to decorators
> > Short description: Decorators are a interesting way of doing higher
> > order functions in python. They are intensively used these days in
> > frameworks and this talk proposes to give a quick introduction to
> > using and understanding decorators.
> Hi All,
> Had a discussion with Vijay on if i'll be able to incorporate this in
> the 10 minute interval. I think not. I have a re-proposal. Here it is.
> # Talk 1
> Talk Title: Python and its Functions
> Short Description: Functions in python are First class. They can be
> passed to and from functions. They can be created inside other
> functions and a lot more. This talk proposes to introduce this
> concept.
Good realisation. Last year in BangPypers meetup, we planned for flash talk
decorators . It was scheduled for 10 minutes, but went on for 40 minutes
audience asking questions!

# Talk 2 (If time permits)
> Talk Title: Application of Talk 1 - Decorators
> Short Description: Decorators are an interesting way of doing some
> magic with functions in Python. Talk 1 will set the base for this. If
> time permits and people are interested, we can see an application of
> Talk 1 VIZ Decorators. Decorators are a concept that is gaining
> widespread use in Python because it is just that easy to read. This
> talk proposes to give an introduction to them.
> Regards,
> Shrayas
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