[Chennaipy] Lightning Talks for Beginners

Vijay Kumar vijaykumar at bravegnu.org
Mon Dec 8 16:47:45 CET 2014

Hi Everyone,
If you are new to Python or you are new to giving talks at meetups,
you can try one of the talks suggested below. Both newbies and
advanced users, in the audience will find it useful.

== Needle in a Haystack

One of the problems today with the Internet is that, there is huge
amount of information around and finding the good stuff is hard. This
problem has been partly solved by things like "Stars" in GitHub and
social bookmarking. Any help with this will be appreciated by the
audience. So here are some ideas:

   1. Look at your "Star" list on GitHub, select 5 Python projects and
      tell us why you liked them.

   2. Look at your bookmarks for StackOverflow questions, select 5
      questions related to Python and give us a short intro to each.

   3. An Active State Python recipe that you found interesting.

   4. A well written Python project, that you came across, that you
      would like to recommend to other newbies.

== Call for Help and Support

If you have started an open source Python project or you are
contributing to an existing open source project, and you are looking
for other developers to join you, you can talk about your project and
why you think it is important. And you can inspire others to join you.



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