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Hey Everybody!

The next <DOT>PY is right around the corner! We're kicked about this
particular workshop. Hope you can make it We're really happy to be
collaborating with Hacker's House to make this workshop possible. Come
join our premium python workshop to experience cutting edge technology
more with interactive classes and hands on sessions. We give a
fictitious scenario so that each learner can focus on core areas of
the application development.

The session provides attendees with basic to advanced skills and hands
on exposure to the major features of python language for developers.
Including the tools GIT and Python. This workshop provides an
integrated development solution, focusing on core areas of the
application development, analysis, change management and source
control management. The workshop will allow users to use these tools
and their features in a fictitious scenario, designed to portray a day
in the life of a development team.

<DOT>PY Roadmap
For 10 days course duration,
Workshop - 7 Days
Internships - 3 Days

Course Introduction - Introduction to Python - Data Types, Part I -
Data Types, Part II - Statements, Documentation, and Help - Strings,
Revisited - Control Flow, Part I - Control Flow, Part II - Data
Structures, Revisited - Functions - File Handling -Accessing the
Network and Internet - Exception Handling - Modular Programming -
Object-Oriented Programming - Advanced Topics - GUI Development -
Python Database Access - Porting Python Code - Python Frameworks and
IDEs - Three Lab Exercises

Check us out at
http://hackershouse.in/static/$%3CDOT%3EPY.pdf for further details.

You can register with us:
Follow the online application procedures as outlined by us!

The workshop will be held at Launchpad Ideas, from June 18th - 27th,
2014 (9.30 AM to 6.00 PM).

50 Seats/Batch

• College students [B.Sc, BCA, M.Sc, MCA, MS, B.E, B.Tech, (CSE, IT, ECE)]
• Should bring their own laptop
• Willingness to learn

Course fee for each participant : 4,500 INR.

Venue Address:
CHENNAI - 600006.

See you there!

Ranjith Kumar K,


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