[Chennaipy] Diversity in Chennaipy

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On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 5:06 PM, Karthikeyan A K
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> I strongly believe men and women are equal and both must get the same
> treatment without any partiality. A tech group I feel must have technically
> sound people. He or she may be a saint or a bandit AFK, that should not
> concern us. Neither does one's language and tone must be considered.

A person's language, tone and behavior are important to keep up to the
reputation in the social circles, I presume no one here wants to be
associated with a notorious group. Though this is a open source
community, we don't devalue the effort made by an entity in making
commercial products(I hope you remember and understand why I said

> Putting rules might be appropriate if you have a group of MBA's

Irrespective to educational qualifications were consider ourselves a
group of professionals and students.

> Any way I haven't read the entire thread as I am  a new joiner.

Feel free to look at the attachment[1] to ascertain your subscription
to this list.

To all my fellow subscribers, my sincere apologies if I misrepresented you.

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Chintu Philips Koshy
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