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Hi All,

Please find the MoM of ChennaiPy Feb edition of 2018.

*Date:* 24-Feb-2018
*Venue:* IITM Chennai
*Introduction/Welcome Note:*

   - Welcome attendies & thank sponser.
   - Explained Agenda for the day(meetup)
   - Set Context about meetup & what it is about.

*Speaker:* Vijay Kumar

*Talk 1: Porting Django App to Google App Engine(GAP)*

   - Started addressing the talk's topic as Good(Progressive Web App),
   Bad(Django) & Ugly(Google App Engine).
   - Explained pros & Cons of all three tech & highlighted the type of GAP
   as Standard & Flexible, by mention the difference type of services provided
   by GAP.
   - Explain the Advantage on Micro service advantages & challenges faced
   during the deployment of django application in GAP.

*Speaker:* Suresh

*Talk 2: String Theory: Bytes vs Strings*

   - Started the talk by mention Data representation & manipulation
   - Explained how data transfer happen over network TCP & UDP.
   Irrespective of data type all value/string will be converted in to bytes
   string during transfer.
   - Explained how various data conversion happens
   - Integer object
      - Binary Files
      - Writing integer & string to file
   - Explained ASCII vs utf-8 & utf-32 vs utf-8. Its major role in data
   conversion to store/transfer.
   - Explained Character string vs bytes string. Check the weight/size of
   the file by writing string to a file & bytes to a file.
   - Gave few tidbits

*Speaker:* Vijay Kumar

*Lightning Talk 1:* pysangamam - ChennaiPy organising first python
conference in TamilNadu
*Lightning Talk 2:* Tuts about machine learning reference

   - http://neuralnetworksanddeeplearning.com
   - http://www.deeplearningbook.org/
   - https://github.com/Hvass-Labs/TensorFlow-Tutorials

*Lightning Talk 3:* Difference b/w Data & big-data, when data to consider
as big-data & also big-data to machine-learning.

Gopinath P
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