[Chicago] snakes and rubies and chipmunks

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Mon Dec 5 23:37:39 CET 2005

> So how did the Django/Rails showdown go?
Check this link: 


Do a search for "snakes and rubies" at technorati.com for lots of blogged 
impressions of the event... I was there, too, and I'll probably blog about 
it at some point.
By the way, at the time of this email's date/time stamp... "snakes and 
rubies" was #9 on the top 10 searched for items at technorati.com.

For a summary of the event: "A good time was had by all." My favorite 
moment was when a guy in the audience raised his hand way late in the 
night asking (and I'm paraphrasing) "What about Perl? You both keep 
bashing PHP and Java, but why doesn't Perl even get a mention?"  :-) As 
they say... "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked 
about, and that is not being talked about." On that note, I'm surprised no 
one raised their hands to chime in about VB or C# not getting slammed 

Anyway, thank you and congrats to all the ChiPy folks involved in putting 
the event together and to Adrian for giving a kick-ass presentation!

> Is a streamed record going to be available?
There were lots of "official" video cameras at the event. I believe either 
the snakesandrubies.com site or djangoproject.com will have links to the 
video and audio when they become available.

> Also is there/should there be a ChiPy meeting this week?
I don't know about the ChiPy meeting this week... but I think the 
consensus is just getting together and drinking? I'll actually be burning 
some karma and attending the Ruby meetup tonight, which is, 
coincidentally, in my office here at ThoughtWorks... 
(http://ruby.meetup.com/55/events/?eventId=4796341&action=detail) Don't 
worry I haven't sold my soul. You know the phrase.... "Keep your friends 
close, but your enemies closer".  :-)

- Jason

P.S. Chipmunks?

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