[Chicago] Apparently, I hate Ajax

Michael Tobis mtobis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:29:34 CET 2005

I agree with all the gripes. The problem is the distribution mechanism.

iTunes is a thing of beauty, but iTunes comes from a trusted vendor.
Some app that you or I put together doesn't.

If I want to write a little tutorial that explains the greenhouse
effect with an animation rather than a couple of confusing diagrams
for instance. There's a three-part picture in the middle of the page
that my boss put together that would be much more informative as an
animation.) I can't ask you to download an application for this
because 1) you don't know who I am and don't especially trust me and
2) you aren't THAT interested.

Scientists usually resort to clunky Java applets, because Flash is
essentially unknown in academic circles, but so far Flash seems to be
the best solution. It's a pity it's proprietary.

Maybe client-side Java will return someday. How about Jython applets?


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