[Chicago] Django and Rails and PHP (oh my!)

Michael Tobis mtobis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:29:32 CET 2005

> This sort of begs the question of whether it's really *that* bad to
> learn Ruby instead of Python.

It's not that important for the world, but I think it's important for
Python; both to attract as many new programmers as does Ruby and to
learn from the Ruby community the things they do so well, which are
mostly about outreach rather than about core functionality.

> So
> I kind of question whether the idea of "cloning" Rails in Python is
> even that useful: it's not like Ruby on Rails is this horrible thing
> that's teaching people how to program badly.  It's doing just the
> opposite.

Agreed. I don't suggest we clone the Rails book either. I think it
would be good to start from first principles and a popular framework,
and I think it would be good if we attended more to newbies.


>I think
> Python+Pygame can be a great way to introduce someone to coding.

There is a book that takes that approach: "Python Programming for the
Complete Beginner" or something like that. It's not in my collection
of Python beginner books yet. At first glance it's less introspective
than the approach I would take (at this point maybe I should say, than
I intend to take) but I think it probably served some people very

Happy Holidays all!


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