[Chicago] Eckel on Java hyper-enthusiasts, Ruby, and Python

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Fri Dec 23 05:55:05 CET 2005

  The Java hyper-enthusiasts have left the building, leaving a
  significant contingent of Java programmers behind, blinking in the
  bright lights without the constant drumbeat of boosterism.

Which is catchy enough, but although the alleged departure provides his
jumping-off point, and Java is a recurring motif in the essay, I think
he's really writing about Ruby (and, of course, Rails) and Python...
oh, and Java, too.

  For example, upon discovering metaclass programming, a number of Ruby
  hyper-enthusiasts (I don't have Tate's book with me, so I don't
  remember if he was one), have declared that Python is incapable of
  metaclass programming, which is untrue.

That's more like it.

  The expression of coroutines in Ruby (at least, according to Tate's
  example) is awkward, but they are there, and I suspect that this may be
  why coroutines -- albeit in a much more elegant form -- are appearing
  in Python 2.5. Python's coroutines also allow straightforward
  continuations, and so we may see continuation servers implemented using
  Python 2.5.

Okay, that should provide fodder for several ChiPy meetings' worth of
talks.  When is that coming out?


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worms and malicious scripts of all kinds.

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