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On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 10:05:51AM -0600, Brian Ray wrote:
> On speed, the is the Python philosophy still write everything in  
> Python then rewrite anything not quick enough in "C". I wonder if  
> Guido will be writing "C" for Python at Google.

Were I an employer, I would prefer to hire web programmer to write in
Python. Writing in Python is simply several times faster than writing in
C. If Python is too slow*, I'd just take the money I don't spend hiring
several C developers and cluster a couple dozen boxes.

I just read a great article on language tradeoffs:

Really, every one of his "Drunken Blog Rants" is highly recommended
reading, it's thoughtful stuff: http://opal.cabochon.com/~stevey/blog-rants/

 * Trying to determine if a solution is too slow before it meets
real-world use is like trying to give your unborn child a performance
review for their first job. "Too slow" is almost always idiot-speak for
"not macho enough".

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