[Chicago] Can you write Perl in Python?

Michael Tobis mtobis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 19:24:48 CET 2005

While it's often said that "you can write Fortran in any language",
not every language allows you to write Perl. Nevertheless, there is a
contest running this week to do exactly that in Python, i.e., minimize
your character count while doing something reasonably useful.


My best to date is 221 characters, but folks on c.l.p. (see "python
coding contest" thread) are claiming non-cheats of under 140
characters. I may take another stab at it; my 221 character code is
alarmingly sane and readable. I had a much more baroque and Perlishly
flavored version but it turned out to be 20 characters longer...

I wonder if the winning entry won't be something like

import os;return os.system('perl -e "$_($u(!%$f!-)etc.etc."')

Maybe the judges will not accept that though...


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