[Chicago] Fw: Save ChiPy! For One Month!

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Thu Oct 6 12:31:57 CEST 2005

Sorry gang... I won't be able to host the meeting at ThoughtWorks tonight. 
:-( It turns out that I won't be able to attend either. :-( 

Any Plan C? Or Plan D?

- Jason
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Jason R Huggins/Corporate/ThoughtWorks/US wrote on 09/30/2005 04:11:45 PM:

> I sent a request to the powers that be to see if TW can host the 
> October meeting... We'll see what happens...
> - Jason
> Edward Summers wrote on 09/30/2005 12:11:12 PM:
> > That sounds interesting, and it would be cool to have a meeting at 
> > ThoughtWorks!
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