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Wed Sep 14 22:33:27 CEST 2005

These guys have been doing this count for a while.

Earlier results for Python:
Potato: 0.66% of ~55MSLOC = 363K
For woody was 1.4% of 105MSLOC = 1.47M
Sarge: 1.8% of 229MSLOC = 4.1M

So growth has slowed down percentage-wise, but sped up in terms of total
code.  What does it mean?


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> Well, okay, that's not the point of the paper, but this is a 
> Python group, after all...
> So they say Python is only 1.8% of the SLOC in Debian's Sarge 
> release. 
> That's still over 4 million lines of Python!

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