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Note, we're listed as one of the top book reviewing user groups!  Go us!

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Apress User Group Newsletter 
Issue 3; Quarter 3, 2005 




1.  Housekeeping and Updates
2.  New Features on Apress.com
3.  T-shirts and eBooks
4. Code Camps and Other Events
5.  Apress Authors Speaking to Groups
6.  Top User Group Book Reviewers
7.  The Latest Apress Books-Hot Off the Press
8.  Forthcoming Books-Fall Releases


1. Housekeeping and Updates

We hope you enjoyed your summer, whether you took a vacation or toiled away at the office. Apress is gearing up for fall, and we have lots of book news and events to share with you.

We just wrapped up the Apress Fractal Programming Contest. After receiving 24 submissions from around the world, we selected three winners from three different language categories. The grand-prize winner received a Sony PSP, and the two runners-up each received an iPod Shuffle. Check out the winning fractals here:


2. New Features on Apress.com

Check out our cool User Groups page. The features that were forthcoming at the time of our last newsletter are now live and ready for you to use!

Features include downloadable Apress logos to post on your site and use in printed materials. We also offer a User Group Finder to locate other groups in your area (or just take a peek to see who's registered around the world). You'll also find a convenient form to request that an Apress author speak at your group's upcoming meeting.

There's lots of recent buzz about podcasting, and Apress has just published "Podcast Solutions." We have MP3 samples of cool podcasts to inspire you to get started on your own podcast. Visit our homepage, and then scroll down and look at the thumbnail on the right-hand side. You can also learn more about the book on the friends of ED website. http://www.friendsofed.com/books/1590595548/ 

Very soon, Apress is going to feature a Mozilla Firefox extension! This add-on will enable you to search for Apress books based on keywords and phrases. A browser add-on like this provides better accessibility than a web-based tool, so you'll minimize the time you spend searching for the books you need while maximizing your skill set.  

We're also going to enhance Apress books by adding a SuperIndex on our site. This way, you can efficiently search for specific sentences or lines of code within the book you've already purchased. Usage will be limited by IP. Keep checking back on our homepage-it will be available soon!


3. T-shirts and eBooks

Our line of collectible T-shirts became so popular at recent tradeshows that we just had to sell them on our site. Take a look at the fun and clever styles, and even get a jump-start on your holiday shopping! The t-shirts are just $10 each, plus the cost of shipping. And if you purchase four out of the five featured styles at once, we'll *waive* the shipping cost!

The Apress eBookshop has also been very successful. After each hard-copy Apress title releases, we make the eBook version available within a few weeks. In addition, we've answered many of your requests, and we've enhanced the security and functionality of our eBooks. We have incorporated a single download button, implemented better placement of the drop-down title list, and removed all crop and printer's marks from the PDFs. You may send additional comments to support at apress.com.


4. Code Camps and Other Events

Apress is pleased to announce that we've participated in a dozen code camps, conferences, and user group picnics over the summer. In October, we're participating in three more events.

How does this relate to your user group? If your group is participating in or hosting a special event, please let us know about it so that Apress can support the group's efforts and join in on the action. Write to janet at apress.com for more information.


5. Apress Authors Speaking to Groups

Apress authors are a proactive bunch-true enthusiasts in their fields. We'd like to congratulate several authors who have managed to arrange lots of visits to different user groups in their regions.

Kathleen Dollard, author of the ever-popular "Code Generation in Microsoft .NET," has arranged a lengthy tour for herself. She's presenting to ten different groups and organizations through the end of the year.

Meanwhile, first-time author Greg Anthony is speaking to six different user groups, plus some university organizations. Mr. Anthony is the author of the cross-platform "Iterating Infusion: Clearer Views of Objects, Classes, and Systems." 

And Adam Machanic, coauthor of the highly anticipated "Pro SQL Server 2005," will be speaking at four different events now through October 2005.

If you'd like an Apress author to speak at your group's next meeting, you can fill out a simple request form through our User Groups page. It takes only a few minutes, and the results can be memorable for years to come. After we receive your request, we'll try to make a match between your group and a nearby Apress author.


6. Top User Group Book Reviewers

Congratulations to some recent top-notch Apress reviewers! Members from these groups promptly wrote reviews for Apress books after winning books at group meetings or buying books on Amazon.

--Atlanta .NET Regular Guys
--chiPy (Chicago Python User Group)
--COLAJUG (Columbia Java Users Group)
--Dallas/Fort Worth Perl User Group
--New England Java Users Group

Do you want to see your name "in lights"-on your group's site, on Amazon.com, and possibly quoted on Apress.com? Ask your group leader about reviewing an Apress book. You'll accomplish several things at once: sharpen your skills, practice your review writing, and enjoy a free book! 


7. The Latest Apress Books-Hot Off the Press

Pro C# 2005 and the .NET 2.0 Platform, Third Edition
By Andrew Troelsen
Published September 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-419-3
1032 pp.

Pro Eclipse JST: Plug-ins for J2EE Development
By Christopher M. Judd and Hakeem Shittu
Published September 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-493-2
360 pp.

Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions
By Thomas Kyte
Published September 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-530-0
768 pp.

The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5, Third Edition
By Michael Kofler
Published September 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-535-1
784 pp.

Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005
By Matthew MacDonald and Mario Szpuszta
Published September 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-496-7
1288 pp.


8. Forthcoming Books-Fall Releases

Get ready, get set-.NET 2.0 is launching on November 7, 2005! Apress has dozens of related titles releasing now through the beginning of 2006. Please browse our online catalog for a complete list.

Please also visit ASP Today and the Apress Beta Community to learn more.

Pro SQL Server 2005
By Thomas Rizzo et al.
To Publish: October 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-477-0
550 pp.

Pro Open SSH
By Michael Stahnke
To Publish: October 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-476-2
350 pp.

Beginning Java EE 5: From Novice to Professional
By Kevin Mukhar and Chris Zelenak with James Weaver and Jim Crume
To Publish: October 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-470-3
750 pp. 

Foundation Flash 8
By Sham Bhangal
To Publish: October 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-542-4
400 pp.

Cost-Based Oracle, Volume 1: Fundamentals
By Jonathan Lewis
To Publish: October 2005
ISBN: 1-59059-636-6
400 pp.


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