[Chicago] Save ChiPy! For One Month!

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Fri Sep 30 18:48:28 CEST 2005

I'd like to do a demo of the ATOM Publishing Protocol (APP, for short) and 
how I implemented it in using Django. (Next month, I'll use SQLObject, I 
promise, Ian. :-)

No idea on a venue... I could look into hosting it at ThoughtWorks, but 
our building security is a little bizarre... (After hours, you can't even 
get into the lobby from the street without a key card.)

- Jason

robert wrote on 09/30/2005 11:36:55 AM:

> I'm willing to do a 'module of the month'.  Did we have any other 
> speakers lined up?  Any ideas on a venue?
> robert
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