[Chicago] MEETING/TALK: Feb 6, 2006 with Mark Jason Dominus

Michael Tobis mtobis at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 17:48:47 CET 2006

This seems to be happening tonight. I may or may not be going
depending on whether I manage to get some other stuff done by 4 PM. If
anyone is interested in a ride from Hyde Park or the Loop, let me
know, but please understand that I am not making promises at this

Also note the RSVP.

This HOP book was my second choice for Book Club after SICP, for what
that's worth.


On 1/20/06, Chris McAvoy <chris.mcavoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chipy,
> Although we're all Py-igots, this might be interesting to some.  The
> speaker's book "Higher Order Perl" is a really good overview of
> functional programming.  We threw it around as a possible book club
> book a while back, and I distinctly remember seeing it on M Tobis'
> book shelf, so it has to be good (right?)
> I think this talk may be somewhat Perl-centric, but it may not be.
> Regardless, I wanted to make sure it was passed to you all.
> Word,
> Chris
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> Date: Jan 7, 2006 6:28 PM
> Subject: [Chicago-talk] MEETING/TALK: Feb 6, 2006 with Mark Jason Dominus
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> [Please feel free to forward to other area groups.  Mark is a great
> speaker and well worth the trip. -- Andy]
> Mark Jason Dominus
> Illinois Institute Of Technology, Rice Campus
> Auditorium, room 166
> 201 East Loop Road
> Wheaton, IL
> http://www.rice.iit.edu/directions.html
> Chicago Perl Mongers is proud to welcome Mark Jason Dominus, author of
> "Higher-Order Perl," to the February meeting of Chicago.pm. Mark will be
> talking about the book he's currently working on, Perl Program Repair Shop
> and Red Flags. We'll be giving away a copy of Mark's book "Higher-Order
> Perl" as well as other swag.
> MJD is a very popular speaker, and we expect a large turnout. Please
> let us know you plan to attend by emailing andy at petdance.com with "MJD"
> in the subject.
> As preparation, Mark has asked Chicago PMers to read the following:
>     I'm writing a new book, which I hope will be published in 2007. It's
>     about code review and refactoring in Perl. (For more complete
>     information, please see http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/.)
>     To do this right, I need real examples of real code that other people
>     wrote. I'll review the code and fix it up, and explain in the book
>     what I did and why.
>     I have about half the examples that I need. I hope that the Perl
>     community can provide the other half.
>     For the next year, I'll be travelling around speaking to Perl Mongers
>     groups about this. I'd like to give about one talk each month for
>     the rest of the year.
>     What I hope will happen is that a group will invite me to come speak,
>     and that some of the group members will send me some example code
>     ahead of time. Then I'll read over the code, write up a talk about
>     how I think it could be improved, and come visit the group and give
>     the talk. After I go home again, I'l write up a book chapter about
>     the code, incorporating the points that the PM group raised when I
>     gave the talk.
>     Guidelines for code contributions are at
>         http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/contribute.html
>     I need your contributions no later than January 17th. To contribute,
>     send code to: mjd at plover.com. Questions? Send to mjd at plover.com.
>     Thanks a lot for having me in to speak.
> For questions about this or any other upcoming meeting, please email
> Andy Lester at andy at petdance.com.
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