[Chicago] quick poll. how many people are coming to the meeting tomorrow?

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Wed Feb 8 23:05:24 CET 2006

David Terrell wrote on 02/08/2006 02:53:26 PM:
> I'm a newb (to ChiPy), but I plan on dropping in and seeing what the
> fuss is all about.  Is an RSVP needed?

You'll need to sign in at the front desk... But you don't have to RSVP.

- Jason

P.S. As a newbie, you will need to know the secret handshake. And don't 
forget to learn the official ChiPy pledge, in case there's a pop quiz. Oh, 
and official ChiPy uniforms will be on sale in the lobby before the 

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