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Atul Varma varmaa at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 17:43:34 CET 2006

On 2/10/06, Brian Ray <bray at sent.com> wrote:
> We should have a n00b intro section at each meeting. Maybe, cover a
> simple module or just a language feature. It can be a flash talk but
> we should make this effort for those  (like me) who may get lost in
> some of the more complicated presentations or have short attention
> spa--what was I typing, nevermind.

I agree... I also suggest that the more "newbie" stuff come at the
beginning of the meeting, and the presentations get more advanced in
content as the meeting goes on... That way people can drop out once
they start getting confused.  It also makes it possible for
presentations to build on each other: for instance, Ian gave an
interesting presentation on generics in November, but at one point he
started using decorators, at which point I got lost.  So it would've
been nice if someone gave a semi-newbie presentation on decorators
that preceded Ian's talk.  Maybe that requires too much coordination
between presenters, but it would be cool to see.  Perhaps people who
are giving advanced talks could just send out an email to the list
saying "hey, my presentation assumes the audience knows about X and Y,
so if someone wants to give a presentation on those before mine, that
would be great"?

I'm particularly interested in seeing presentations on language
features...  Ones that don't just explain what a language feature is,
but also talk about how it can be made useful in a wide variety of
situations.  That way even experienced Python people could at least
learn a few new ways to use a language feature, even if they already
knew what the language feature was.

Anyhow, I'm pretty new to ChiPy and I wasn't able to attend
yesterday's meeting, so maybe all this has been discussed before. :)

- Atul

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