[Chicago] SCons, the Python-based alternative to GNU Make

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Fri Feb 24 23:24:45 CET 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, at 4:04 PM, Michael Tobis wrote:

> If anyone is going to be at PyCon next month they will be quite
> lonely, as it is happening right now. Present to my knowledge are
> Fitz, Ian, Adrian, Aaron and me.

*waves*. Also checks calendar. hmmm, yes PyCon.

> The lack of ChiPy T-shirts has indeed been a missed opportunity. There
> are several Chicago non-Chipy folks here that I know about. We should
> show up in force next time.

T-shirt ideas?

Maybe our Chipmunk with some funny saying on the back.

-- bhr

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