[Chicago] Python classes

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Tue Feb 28 17:05:30 CET 2006

Python is a good language to start with (and to end with, for that  

As of yet, ChiPy has not offered any classes lead by members.  
Although, what we have done is had Sprints where we work on an open  
source project on a Saturday.  I see where it would reasonable to  
have a hands-on class taught simultaneously with a Sprint.  A couple  
members who do not feel like Sprinting or need a break from Sprinting  
can go over to the "learning" tables and go through some tutorials  
with students of Python.

I propose our next Sprint Saturday March 18th. The Sprint will be in  
response to Alanta's User Group site where we will make our own with  
Django. At the same time we will invite those who wish to learn  
Python to come and get hands on experience. I suggest we hold this  
all day (pending availability) at the Lincoln Park Chicago Public  
Library. They have a nice big room they have let us use in the past.

Now I have thrown that out there, I will be interested to see if we  
can pull this off in time.

Regards, Brian

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