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This sounds great to me. I look forward to meeting you and discussing this.
A twice-a-month class should work very nicely with our schedules.

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Larry Allingham

On 2/28/06, Michael Tobis <mtobis at gmail.com> wrote:
> As far as I know, though, there are no organized classes of this sort
> (Python or otherwise) in Chicago outside institutional settings. I
> think what you are trying to do is an excellent father/son project,
> and I'd like to help out.
> I'd be more than happy to make your acquaintance, and possibly
> nucleate a beginners' interest group within ChiPy. If we can attract
> enough beginners to pull together a regular evening group (say, twice
> a month) so much the better. I probably would do this gratis the first
> time out.
> I think the 18th in parallel with the sprint would work out as a time
> for us to meet. You will need a laptop with python and a
> python-friendly text-editor (or IDE) installed.
> Michael Tobis
> PS I will be teaching a Python for non-professionals (a.k.a. escape
> from your math requirement) class at Loyola this summer, and have long
> been interested in the thought processes of beginners.
> I'm also in touch with one of the authors of How To Think Like a
> Computer Scientist, Jeff Elkner. He is a high school teacher with
> probably more experience teaching Python to beginners than anyone
> else. We met at PyCon this weekend and are kicking around ideas for
> some sort of interactive media version of his text.
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