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Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Wed Jan 4 06:43:08 CET 2006

Peter Fein wrote:
>>If you followed any of the debate [1,2] swirling around reddit's [3]
>>switch from lisp to python a few weeks ago you might be interested in
>>the python web framework they are using, which was released today:
>>    http://webpy.org/
>>Just in case there was any doubt about the wealth of choices available
>>to the python web programmer!
> Glanced at the tutorial.  A flat tuple of (url, classname_with_regex,
> url, classname_with_regex, ...)  for url mapping? Ugh, no thank you.  I
> hate to judge code by it's cover (or whatever), but magic tuples are a
> big red flag for me.  Goodness, it's not even a *nested* magic tuple...
> And I am strongly opposed to using common words for package names,
> especially when you know it's going to be released and there are
> competing projects out there.
> And I don't like ORMs. (Hi Ian!) ;)
> On another note, has anyone ever used PSE? http://nick.borko.org/pse/

I don't see WSGI on its features list.  It's crap.


Maybe only 1/2-;)

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